Books4Kids Jamaica continues distribution of books and materials to 8,425 preschool children in 2022.

MONTEGO BAY, JAMAICA, October 17, 2022: Books4Kids Jamaica announced today that n 2022, over 50 volunteers helped deliver 15,000 books to 8,425 children at 111 small, medium and large schools in urban and rural areas of Jamaica. Book distributions were made in the 8 parishes of Hanover, Kingston, Portland, St. James, St. Ann, St. Mary, Trelawny and Westmoreland.

Through the Books4Kids program, 4 and 5 year old children receive a blue or red book bag containing the popular 300-page BrainQuest Workbook, a reading book, a pack of crayons and a pencil. The Early Childhood Education initiative is founded on the belief that getting physical books into the hands of young children can make a significant and important impact on their learning and future academic ability.

This year’s distribution started on 3 Oct with the delivery of bookbags to 180 pre-school children at Providence Infant School, Montego Bay.

“With the Brain Quest Workbook that Books4Kids Jamaica provides, every child has the same book. It is colourful, it’s fun and the children enjoy working in their book.”

Principal Carolyn Clarke.

A massive logistic undertaking, long term sponsors Jamaica Tours Ltd. is providing free transportation services, bringing volunteers, books and materials to the many schools. So far, 22 volunteers have visited small and large Early Childhood Education institutions to hand deliver books to the children.

“Our schools visits are not only about delivering the books. We aim to make it a fun and memorable experience for the children and inspire an interest in learning.”

Frank Perolli, Board Member of Books4Kids Jamaica.

“Our doors are open and we welcome Books4Kids Jamaica. We thank you for the resources that you have brought each time you come along. They are of great help to us.”

Maureen Thompson from Hague Infant Department, Trelawny, where the community initiative delivered books bags to 189 children.

To date, children in the parishes of St. James, Trelawny and Westmoreland have received books, while distributions in Hanover, St. Mary, Portland and Kingston are set to commence this week. Hanover Charities is again supporting the initiative by sponsoring book bags for 1,000 children in their parish.

Montego Bay Infant school, where 659 preschool children received bookbags, is the largest school on the list. It is the 13th year Books4Kids Jamaica distributes books and materials at the school.

“On behalf of the Principal and the staff at Montego Bay Infant School, we really appreciate the gesture and hope that you will continue to work with us.”

Mrs. Erskine, Co-Ordinator.

The charity raised over US$50k towards the purchase of books and materials this year through their 2022 Online Charity Auction and generous contributions from sponsors.

This year’s books were shipped to the island courtesy of sponsors Seaboard & Freight Jamaica Ltd. while warehouse services have been provided by Rainforest Seafood Caribbean.

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Books4Kids Jamaica’s primary aim is to help increase literacy by providing books and early educational materials to children in pre-schools across Jamaica.