The Book Bags

Each child receives a book bag containing;

1 BrainQuest Workbook (300 pages)
1 Kindergarten reading book
1 pack of crayons
1 pencil
1 blue (4 year olds) or 1 red (5 year olds) bookbag

The book bag has a retail value of US$40.

Brain Quest Workbooks

A large part of the charity’s success is due to the fact that the children love the interactive and colourful 300 page Brain Quest Workbooks, which covers the Alphabet, Numbers, Phonics and Shapes & Colors. Featuring hundreds of curriculum-based exercises covering all the basics such as letters, reading, writing, math and science, the Brain Quest Workbook has proven to be a big hit with children, teachers and parents.

The Workbook comes highly recommended by Sesame Street, which states that “Brain Quest goes beyond simple memorization and encourages kids to use reasoning, listening, and visualization skills, which increases its educational and entertainment value.”

Books donated
Children helped
“The Workbooks are of great help to the children. They love the activities and the teachers like using them in the classroom. Also, it is important that all the children have the books from the beginning of the school year.”

– Koren Alexander, Acting Principal of Montego Bay Infant School

“Our daughter has the Workbook at home and we use it with her to learn the shapes, the letters and the sounds of the letters. It has been helping her.”

– Ferone Foster-Williams, Parent Falmouth infant School