The Schools

Since its startup in 2007, the Foundation has donated 300,000 books to 100,000 children in 150+ schools across Jamaica’s 14 parishes at a value of more than US $1.7m

List of Schools


– All Saints Infant School, Denham Town
– Allman Town Infant School, Allman Town
– Calabar Infant School, Rae Town
– John Mills Infant Shool, Kingston
– Mona Commons Infant, Mona Commons
– St. Anne’s Infant School, Kingston
– St. George’s Girls School, Kingston
– Union Garden Infant School, Kingston


– Hope Bay Disciples of Christ, Hope Bay
– Little Folks Caring and Learning , Buff Bay
– Port Antonio Infant, Port Antonio


– Mount Charles Basic School, Mt. Charles
– St. Michaels ECI, Mavis Bank


– Colgate Basic, Ocho Rios
– Fort George Primary and Infant, Concord
– Runaway Bay Basic School, Runaway BAy


– Albert Town Infant, Albert Town
– Alps Infant, Ulster Spring
– Calabar ECI, Rio Bueno
– Falmouth Infant, Falmouth
– Freemans Hall Infant, Albert Town
– Hampden Infant, Hampden
– Hauge Primary and Infant School
– Piedmont Basic School
– Spring Gardens Infant, Rock Spring
– Salt Marsh Primary and Infant School
– Waldensia Primary


– Caledonia All Age & Infant School, Darliston
– Enfield Primary and Infant School, Darliston
– Haddo Primary & Infant School, Ramble P.O.
– Holly Hill Infant School, Bigwoods, Holly Hills
– Kew Park Primary & Infant School, Kew Park, Lambs River P.O.
– Little Bay All Age School, Little Bay, Little London
– Mint Road ECI, Grange Hill
– Mount Airy Basic School, Negril
– Mt. Eagle ECI, Grange Hill
–New Works Primary & Infant School, New Works, Darliston
– Peggy Barry Primary & Infant School, Grange Hill


– Bickersteth Infant School, Bickersteth
– Barrett Town Primary School, Barrett Town
– Buckingham All Age School, Montego Bay
– Cambridge Infant School, Cambridge
– Catherine Hall Primary & Infant School, Montego Bay
– Central Basic School, Norwood
– Chatsworth Primary & Infant– Faith Kinder School, Maroon Town
– Flamstead Kids Basic School, Flamstead Gardens P.A.
– Goodwill All Age & Infant School, Chatham
– Granville All Age & Infant, Granville
– Green Pond Primary & Infant School, Green Pond
– Industry Basic School, Somerton
– Lethe Primary & Infant School, Lethe
– Lilliput Marinata Basic School, Lilliput
– Maldon Basic School, Maroon Town
– Maroon Town Basic School, Maroon Town
– Montego Bay Infant School (4 year olds), Montego Bay
– Montego Bay Infant School (5 year olds), Montego Bay
– Mount Horeb Infant School, Mount Horeb
– Mount Zion Primary and Infant School, Montego Bay
– Providence Heights Infant School, Montego Bay
– Rose Hall Basic School, Montego Bay
– Rose Heights Basic School, Montego Bay
– Salt Spring Primary & Infant , Salt Spring
– Somerton All Age & Infant School, Somerton
– Spicy Hill Basic School, Spicy Hill
– Spot Valley Basic School, Spot Valley
– Spring Mount Primary & Infant, Spring Mount, Johhn’s Hall P.O.
– Sterling Reading School, Reading
– Success Infant & Primary, Barrett Town
– Sudbury Primary & Infant, Sudbury
– Vaughansfield Primary & Infant School, Flamstead Gardens
– Westhaven Children’s Home for the Disabled, Copse


– Bethel Infant School, Hopewell
– Cacoon Primary & Infant, Cacoon District
– Esher Full Gospel Basic, Esher
– Grange ECI, Grange
– Lucea Infant School, Lucea
– Pondside Primary & Infant, Pondside, Great Valley
– Sandy Bay Infant School, Sandy Bay
– Upper Rock Spring Primary & Infant School, Upper Rock Spring


– Dover Castle Basic School, Spanish Town
– Eltham Early Childhood Development Centre, Spanish town
– Redwood Primary School, Spanish town

Books donated
Children helped

BrainQuest Workboooks

The Books4Kids Jamaica book bag contains a 300-page Brain Quest Workbook, a Scholastic reading book, a pack of crayons and a pencil. Covering the curriculum set out by the Ministry of Education, the 300-page interactive workbook covers ABCs, numbers, phonics, sorting and matching and contains 2 pages of stickers; a children’s favourite. In the right hands,the Brain Quest Workbook is a very powerful tool.

“Workman Publishing and Brain Quest are so glad to be able to support this important endeavor. Every child should have the opportunity to learn to the best of their ability, and to have products at their disposal to make that learning fun.”

Erika Tucker, Export Manager for Workman Publishing Company & Brain Quest Workbooks, Program Sponsor

“You see how happy they are to see you, you know, and the first thing they said was: stickers! When they do the work they  are rewarded and everything is in the book – the rewards and the work. This is very important to us because we have problem with some of the children getting their books, even a simple exercise book.”

– Said Acting Principal Karen Lewis, Lucea Infant School

“The BrainQuest Workbook for the 4-year-olds supplied by Books4Kids is age appropriate. The pictures are suitable for the children to relate to. Shapes, numbers, letters and matching activities co-relate to the curriculum. Hence, the children’s holistic development is focused on effectively.”

– Mrs. Whyte, Teacher, Providence Heights Infant School, St. James

“The BrainQuest Workbooks are of great help to the children. They love the activities and the teachers like using them in the classroom. Also, it is important that all the children have the books from the beginning of the school year.”

– Koren Alexander, Acting Principal of Montego Bay Infant School

“Our daughter has the BrainQuest Workbook at home and we use it with her to learn the shapes, the letters and the sounds of the letters. It has been helping her.”

– Ferone Foster-Williams, Parent Falmouth infant School